Skip Smith SUP, Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

What is SUP? Stand Up Paddleboards is what some people call new – but it’s been around for years. Now with the custom SUP shaping of craftsmen like Skip Smith, the sport is taking on a whole new level of enjoyment and excitement.

Skip Smith began shaping surfboards in San Diego in the late 1970s. About six years ago, he shaped his first SUP. “I ride Stand Up Paddleboards for many reasons – the challenge and workout are only part of it, but mainly because I like to surf.”

One of Skip’s goals has been to get SUPs to perform on a level that exceeded the performance of a typical surfboard. Over the years, Skip Smith has created a high performing SUP that made the committed surfer even better in their sport. He is able to make a smooth transition for any surfer, making it easy to move from a typical board to a bigger, wider, longer board. Opening up the creativity of the sport to a whole new realm.

Every SUP that Skip shapes is custom designed with the individual surfer in mind. He says there is something special in piece that he crafts. It’s a joy for him to create these custom SUPs and see people enjoying them for years. Skip says he often will go out surfing himself and enjoying watching someone in the sport from a distance enjoying the ride, only to find later that it’s one of the SUPs that he crafted years earlier. What a rewarding find.

facebook-like-logoIf you would like to consult with Skip Smith for a custom SUP for yourself, let us know. Skip looks forward to hearing from you and helping you with your custom SUP project.