Surf Board Models

Here’s a look at my base model and the specs.

Click on the images to enlarge to see better detail. Customizing graphics and colors are only limited to your imagination!


9’6″ SSE

Entry model

Pre-requisite: feel a traditional longer SUP is to long/big
For those who:
Men: Desire to paddle flat water a little more then they surf
Like a traditional longer board feel when they SUP
Women: Pleasure paddling or yoga
Size ranges 9’0 – 10′ 0″
Weight: 16 – 22 lbs
Liters 125 – 150
32″ wide





9’0″ SSI

Intermediate model

Pre-requisite: 6 months of SUP, Want a performance SUP but still reluctant to go to short (for now)
For those who:
Men: Like the longer board paddle feel and are starting to perform basic to advance manuevers
Women: A little bit of pleasure paddling with more time in the ocean along with a need to have a more user friendly board
Size ranges 8’7″ – 9’6″
Weight: 15 – 22 lbs
Liters 125 – 135
32″ wide



8’6″ SSA

Advance model

Pre-requisite: 12 months of SUP, Want a performance SUP and are trying to break the sub 9’0″ size with comfort.
For those who:
Men: Desire to perform more advance manuevers yet still wanting a more comfortable board in not so glassy conditions
Women:Desire to surf alot but still have a desire to do some recreational short distance paddling
Size ranges 8’0″ – 8’11”
Weight: 15 – 22 lbs
Liters 115 – 125
32″ wide




8’0″ SSAT

Advance model

Pre-requisite: Already surfing a progressive SUP
For those who:
Men: This is a back up board to your smaller SUP when the conditions are not so optimum(choppy/lumpy) or when the swell is soft (high tide rollers)
Women: A very good smaller SUP but wanting a simple breezy paddling board
Size ranges 8’0″ – 8’11”
Weight: 15 – 22 lbs
Liters 110 – 125
28″ – 31″ wide




7’8″ SSP

Pro model

Pre-requisite: Growing tired of the longer progressive SUP
For those who:
Men and Women: This series is for more aggressive SUP surfing. Tighter arcs, tail slides, hook turns etc.
Size ranges 7’2″ – 7’11”
Weight: 15 – 20 lbs
Liters 100 – 115
28″ – 31″ wide




8’0″ Funshape

Intermediate to Advance model

Pre-requisite: Moving off traditional longboard to a shorter conservative board. Also just to have in your quiver for relaxing and cruising with the available design in case you want to throw some unexpected spray around.
Size ranges 7’2″ – 8’2″
Weight: 15 – 22 lbs
width – 23″






6’3″ Hybrid

Intermediate to pro model

This board gives the rider a little more width in the nose then a traditional short board. This width provides greater paddling ability and planning surface for optimum speed as you step up closer to the nose
Size ranges 6’0″ – 6’8″
Width – 20″ – 22″







5’2″ Towfish

Intermediate to pro model (length is crucial)

This new style of board is getting mixed reviews from the general public mainly because of its looks. The performance of this board speaks for itself. This model allows a skilled surfer to reduce thier overall “normal” length of board by almost 6″. The concept is simple “use every square inch of foam” and scrap the rest”
Size ranges 5’0″ – 6’0″
Width – 18″ – 21″

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like more information on how you can get into the sport of SUP or if you would like to consult with Skip Smith to create a custom SUP for you, contact us today, we look forward to talking to you!

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